Alruya custom SCPC networks can support high bandwidths and are ideal for all types of communication services including voice, data and video traffic. Alruya SCPC networks can deliver high availability and network dependable technology that connects straight into customer’s networks either through private terrestrial connections or via the public Internet.

Solutions for demanding applications

Offering dedicated bandwidth to support both corporate communications and remote site access, Alruya SCPC/SCPC services provide the perfect solutions for businesses with demanding applications. Applications include corporate financial systems, supply chain systems, maintenance systems and other software applications, VoIP, video conferencing, and through the use of third-party integration, dedicated network acceleration for latency critical applications.

Connect multiple sites

Alruya SCPC system allows transmissions to be sent to the satellite continuously on a single satellite carrier either as a point-to-point network or as a point-to-multipoint network, providing hub-less connectivity among sites.

Superior up time

Alruya Teleport Services offer SCPC solutions with outstanding reliability and performance, using cutting-edge equipment to ensure outstanding satellite coverage, reliability and performance with 99.995% uptime.

Global Satellite Coverage

With our broad satellite network, Alruya offers global communication for businesses. Our Teleports access satellites that provide near regional coverage and ensure customers stay connected.

Flexible Innovative Communication Services

All Alruya Teleport services are flexible and scalable to meet every evolving business requirement. With all the in-house engineering expertise necessary to deliver, customer solutions tailored for each individual customer’s requirements.

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